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The group companies

Impresa Costruzioni Ing. E. Mantovani

Impresa di Costruzioni Ing. E. Mantovani, is a leader on the Italian scene with specific know-how in the construction of infrastructure, including maritime and port infrastructure, hospitals, motorways, logistics infrastructure, tramlines, civil construction, reclamation and recovery of polluted sites and the building up of infrastructure for major exhibition sites.

Dolomiti Rocce

Pioneer for over 30 years, in the sectors concerning consolidation and mountain walls recovery, soil consolidation, excavation protections and in the resolution of problems related to instability phenomena, Dolomiti Rocce works with high professionalism and competence creating solutions of protection and defense from rockfall and avalanches, special foundation works, soils consolidation and environmental engineering.

FIP Industriale

FIP INDUSTRIAL S.p.A. develops state-of-the-art technologies for the protection and reinforcement of civil engineering works, particularly in the sector of roads and motorways, railways, metropolitan areas, civil and industrial buildings, dams, oil platforms and port facilities.

All Fip Industriale products are of high quality standard and are the result of the research activity carried out at their laboratories.