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We inform you that we have the new Blackgrip and Orangrip gloves available!

The special 3D grip on the whole palm and on the fingers for an optimal grip together with the high weight of the glove (8.4 g with a thickness of 0.20 mm) make it particularly suitable for heavy use. PPE Cat. 3 of risk also for protection from chemical agents and microorganisms (Reg EU 2016/425). EN ISO 374-1: 2016 / TYPE B: certificate with 3 chemical elements. EN ISO 374-5: 2016: protective gloves against bacteria and fungi. The absence of dust reduces the risk of dermatitis and contamination. Disposable, ambidextrous. 100% Latex Free. Pack of 50 pieces.

Orangrip only: Orange gloves with high visibility, help the worker even in low light conditions and the responsible safety when checking the use of PPE. MOCA: Suitable for contact with different types of food (compliant with Directive 2002/72 / EEC, DM 21.3.1973, Reg. 2004/1935 / CEE and Reg. EU 10/2011 and subsequent updates), it complies with the EU 10/2011 standards for contact with foods that require simulant liquids of the D2 type.