Cable reels for industrial use inside and outside, built according to EN 61316. Also suitable for environments where there are particularly harsh conditions, such as construction sites and/or demolition. Constructed with thermoplastic materials that pass the tests of resistance to shock and temperature changes. Approved flexible cord in abrasion resistant rubber (Neoprene) H07RN-F. Indelible technical features in the label of the item. Thermal circuit breaker which shall automatically disconnect power to the sockets block in the event of overheating both in rolled and unrolled cable; manual reset by pressing the red button after that the temperature will be restored to normal levels. Article O420 mm drum trolley with wheels. The cable reel trolley is suitable for installation in distribution panels 250 and 350 mm, consistent with the type of plug socket.

Technical Data

Description Lunghezza cavo m Misure cavo Spina N. e tipo prese
Z-EL-AVVOLG. M.50 3X2,5 2P+T 16/A 12128 50 3G2,5 2P+T 16A 230V IP44 3 prese 2P+T 16A 230V IP44
Z-EL-AVVOLG. M.50 3X2,5 2P+T 16/A 12160 50 3G2,5 2P+T 16A 230V IP67 3 prese 2P+T 16A 230V IP67
Z-EL-AVVOLG. M.50 4X2,5 3P+T 16/A 12170 50 4G2,5 3P+T 16A 400V IP67 3 prese 3P+T 16A 400V IP67

Application Sectors

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